After many hours of work, the new version of Via is finally ready! The new version, Via 1.4, comes with a lot of new features making your work faster and easier:

OD-Aggregation in Via 1.3

  • Improved GUI. the section showing the query results is now stand-alone and always visible
  • Layer styles. Easily switch between different presets on how to visualize your results.
  • Agent attributes. Load arbitrary custom attributes to your agents and use those attributes for visualization.
  • Multi-modal trips. Visualize the route of transit trips of agents, or differentiate the display of agents using different modes on the network.
  • Many new analyses. For transit routes, for facilities, for agents, …

These are just a few of many new and improved features in Via 1.4. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think about it! We love to receive feedback on Via, as it keeps us making Via better and better for all of you.