The MATSim model of Seoul Metropolitan was developed in 2012 as a result of long-term research collaboration between the University of Seoul (Prof. Seungjae Lee) & ETH Zürich (Prof. Kay W. Axhausen), with additional support from Senozon. The model was updated on a yearly basis and the demand is generated based on 2012 Household Travel Survey Data (HHTSD).

The study area covers the Seoul Metropolitan Area. Population Synthesizer was developed to generate the MATSim input demand based on HHTS 2012. Total population of SMA is 21.5 million; therefore, a 10 % sample was generated and simulated (2.15 million agents). A detailed network of nodes and links was generated capturing all the details (16 384 nodes and 32 768 links) for railways, highways, arterials, pedestrians, expressways and bus only lanes.

The video was created by Atizaz Ali from the University of Seoul and shows a nice combination of various Via features.