After a longer-than-usual development time, we’re happy to announce the availability of Via 1.5. Besides some improvements under the hood, the following major new features are available in the new version:

  • WebMap Layer: The Web Map Layers allows to display maps from internet services like OpenStreetMap, Bing or Google Maps as background for your visualization. (Part of the Map Background plugin)
  • Select Facility Analysis: Which links are taken by agents to travel to or from a facility? Find out with the new select facility analysis, similar to the select link analysis most transport planners will be familiar with.
  • Meta Data Manager: Export and import Views and Layer styles for maintaining a consistent look through multiple scenarios and visualizations.
  • Network Difference Layer: Visualize the difference of arbitrary link attributes, even dynamic ones like average link volumes and average link speeds.
  • Rotate Map: Does your region not match your screen very well? Just rotate the view to fill your visualization area better.
  • Background Images: Display any image in the background of your visualization. Perfect for including your own logo in screenshots and movies.

In addition, the following improvements and minor enhancements are included in Via 1.5:

  • Agent Group from Transit Passengers: Directly filter out the ids of passengers of a transit line or just a single transit route during any time of day. Use those ids as Agent Group to selectively visualize Activities of those passengers only.
  • New Fancy Vehicle Style: The Fancy Vehicle Plugin now offers an additional vehicle style “night mode”.
  • Improved User Interface: The user interface was tweaked in multiple places to optimize for your visualizations. The toolbar now takes less space away, and several options have been directly integrated with toolbar buttons.
  • Improved XY Layer, Aggregator, OD Aggregator: These layers have all been heavily optimized for memory consumption and use now considerably less memory than before.