The newest version of Via is now available for download! Via 1.6 comes with a number of great new features and several major improvements:

  • Major improvements to displaying networks: show arbitrary labels next to links, or control the opacity of links separately from the color.
  • Intersection Flows: Find out how many vehicles cross an intersection in what direction. As usual, the analysis is fully time dynamic. Intersection Flows
  • Transit Stop Areas: Due to modelling reasons, a single stop often needs to be modelled by several transit stop facilities, making analyses more difficult than they should be. By aggregating multiple stop facilities into one stop area, analyses get much more easy and meaningful!
  • Scripting: A brand new plugin that allows you to automate steps in Via. Easily load data, create layers, set styles and save screenshots fully automated.
  • Presets allow you to restore multiple layer styles along view a view, time and speed. It makes interactive demonstrations much easier as you can prepare several aspects of a model you want to highlight, and quickly jump between the different settings.
  • Legend: Show a legend next to the visualization to explain the different colors and sizes used.


Standardized Setup Dialog Furthermore, we improved the user interface in many places. Many layers now use similar setup dialogs to set colors, line widths or symbol sizes, making it much easier to navigate around in Via. Large facilities and point data sets shown in an XY Layer display now significantly faster. And Points showing in an XY Layer can now show their Voronoi-region instead of a point, although there are now also much more symbols available to choose from. Also, many queries like transit stop or car counts have been improved, showing more information with fewer clicks.

Voronoi Diagram

Head over to the download and enjoy the new version of Via!