We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of our newest version of Via! The new Via 1.7 brings a number of much requested features along with performance and user interface improvements:example visualization in Via 1.7

Labels and Symbols

  • Networks can now manage arbitrary node attributes and display them as node labels.
  • Vehicles can display any agent attribute as label.
  • Facilities offer much advanced display settings, including the possibility to base the style of facilities on facility attributes and display labels as well.

The three points above allow for much advanced and informative visualizations, as can be seen on the right.

  • Improved XY Plotter: The XY Layer offers many more symbols out of the box, allows users to use custom symbols, and supports rotation of symbols.
  • Triangular grid aggregation: Next to the aggregation on rectangular and hexagonal grids, Via 1.7 introduces a triangular grid for aggregation.

    Triangular aggregation

  • Emissions: A new plugin supports the analysis and visualization of emission events as calculated by MATSim’s emission extension. analyzing emissions in Via 1.7


  • Faster file saving: Saving and loading *.via-files was heavily optimized. Especially large scenarios should now save and load considerably faster.
  • Support MATSim 0.8.0: The upcoming release of MATSim contains some major changes to Events. Via 1.7 supports the changed events’ attributes.

Furthermore, the user interface was improved in many places, standardizing dialogs and offering “Apply” buttons in many places. Visualizing data on top of Web Map Backgrounds no longer shows distortations near the edges, but perfectly matches your data onto the maps. Id Sets can be defined using filter expressions (like “pt_*” or “taxi_*”) to quickly and easily define agent groups based on common characteristics of the agent ids. Vehicle Occupancy is now available for all vehicles like taxis or ride-sharing vehicles, and not only for public transport vehicles.

Download the newest version of Via now!