Tramola 24.1 released


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The latest version of Tramola just got released. Read on to learn about the newest features, or directly head over to download Tramola.

New and improved features

Scenario Editor: Edit network routes of public transport lines

Tramola now provides the possibility to map a transit route to the network to explicitly specify along which links transit vehicles run to serve all stops of a transit route.

Editing transit lines in Tramola

The network editing in the Scenario Editor now allows to edit arbitrary link attributes, and even add new ones.

Support for MATSim 2024.0

Tramola now supports the latest version of MATSim, 2024.0. Especially the Configuration editor was adapted to support the renamed config modules and parameters.

Improved usability of Dashboards

We simplified the creation and configuration of Dashboards. The addition of data tables in dashboards and the possibility to view dashboard-content in full-screen help make best use of the powerful features.

Tables in Tramola Dashboards

Download the latest version

The new version of Tramola is available immediately from the Download page!