Create scenarios. Manage runs. Analyze results.
The modelling suite for MATSim.

Tramola helps you to manage your scenarios, allows you to easily create case studies and monitor running simulations, and enables you to quickly gain insights into simulation results by powerful reporting and visualizations.

Create Scenarios

Create, edit and manage multiple scenarios. *

Convert existing data into MATSim files and edit infrastructure data like network and transit schedule to easily create variants and case studies.

Manage Runs

Keep a clean overview of all your important runs.

Start a run by the push of a button. Keep track of all your runs, compare them with each other, and keep an eye on key indicators like score or modal split even while a simulation is running.

Analyze Results

Extract key data, visualize results, and share it with others.

Tramola will automatically collect data from your simulation. This allows you to easily create reports and dashboards. Use powerful visualizations to analyze your runs, and share reports or visualizations with others or even embed them on your projects’ websites.

Available soon!

Tramola is currently under development and being tested by a small number of users. If you are interested in testing it as well, please contact us.

We have a lot of features planned for Tramola, but not all of them will be available from the start. Let us know what features you would like to see, so we can prioritize our development accordingly.

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* Not all features will be available from the start. Tramola is part of a larger vision, which takes some time to bring it fully to reality.