Powerful features to work with your MATSim models.

Please note that not all features will be available from the beginning.

Scenario Creation and Editing

  • Create a network based on OpenStreetMap data or other supported data sources.
  • Create a public transport schedule from GTFS data.
  • Edit networks: add and remove nodes and links, change link attributes.
  • Edit public transport schedules: Add transit stops, lines and routes, change departure times.
  • Validate your scenario: detect implausible network attributes, non-matching datasets, conflicting configuration parameters.

Run MATSim Simulations

  • Edit the configuration file.
  • Start MATSim runs with the push of a button.
  • Run MATSim on separate machines.
  • Monitor running simulations.
  • Email notifications when a simulation ends.

Analyze Runs

  • Create dashboards for a quick overview or in-depth view of runs.
  • Create reports of runs, exportable as PDF or PowerPoint slides.
  • Compare multiple runs with each other.
  • Visualize runs.


  • Centralized data storage, accessible also with SSH/SFTP and WebDAV.
  • Give multiple users edit-permissions for scenarios.
  • Share scenarios, runs, reports and visualizations with other users.
  • Embed reports and visualizations in other websites.


We have prepared a very short survey to better understand how you plan to use Tramola. Taking the survey helps us to prioritize which features to develop next, so that you get the highest benefit out of it.

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* Not all features will be available from the start. Tramola is part of a larger vision, which takes some time to bring it fully to reality.