Simunto is a company based in Switzerland, providing tools and support to work with MATSim, an agent-based traffic simulation, as well as with large, spatio-temporal datasets like collected GPS trajectories.

Simunto was founded by Dr. Marcel Rieser, an expert on and long-standing contributor to MATSim, the multi-agent transport simulation. While working at Senozon, another Swiss company he co-founded in 2010, he developed Via, a graphical user interface to visualize and analyze MATSim data. Over the years, Via got better and better at handling large spatio-temporal datasets, making the application also useful to work with data sets independent of MATSim. After leaving Senozon in 2017, he started Simunto at the end of 2017 and took over the development and support of Via from Senozon in January 2018.

Since early 2018, Simunto has helped clients worldwide to build and improve their MATSim models, while continuously enhancing Via and developing new tools like Tramola to work with MATSim.

Since fall 2021, Moritz Dück works at Simunto as a software engineer, working on Tramola and client projects, enhancing the products with his programming and UX skills. And since spring 2022, Nadine Rieser develops new MATSim-related services at Simunto and provides valuable guidance in the development of Via and Tramola with her extensive transport planning expertise. In fall 2022, Dimitri Derungs joined Simunto as a software engineer, working on client projects and on new services.