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MATSim is at the core of Simunto

The multi-agent transport simulation MATSim is an open-source framework for implementing large-scale agent-based transport simulations. MATSim is freely available and is used all over the world to build transport models. If you're new to MATSim, have a look at MATSim's website.

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The founder of Simunto, Dr. Marcel Rieser, has contributed to MATSim for more than 15 years. Other members of the team also have extensive knowledge of MATSim. This makes Simunto the first address if you need help with MATSim.

Are you new to MATSim? Then our training could be of interest to you.

Do you already work with MATSim, but still have some questions? We are happy to consult with you and improve your model.

Do you need a special feature in MATSim? Let's talk, maybe we can write some custom code and advance your model and MATSim with new functionality.