Simunto provides expert knowledge and support to work with MATSim.

Excellent MATSim Support

Having worked with MATSim for more than a decade, Simunto is able to provide first-class support for MATSim.

Dr. Marcel Rieser, the founder of Simunto, has worked for more than a decade with MATSim. He was involved in implementing large parts of the MATSim core while being a PhD student at the transport systems planning and transport telematics group at TU Berlin. In this time, he also implemented the functionality to model roadpricing scenarios, multi-modal simulations and a detailed simulation of public transport. He was also involved in building one of the first nation-wide multi-modal models of Switzerland, built at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems at ETH Zurich.

When working at Senozon for several years, Marcel Rieser was invovled in implementing car-sharing simulations in MATSim, building detailed models of Berlin and Switzerland, and created the visualization and analysis software Via which belongs now to Simunto.

Nowadays, Marcel Rieser helps clients to get the most out of MATSim, either by implementing specially required functionality (e.g. the matsim-sbb-extensions), teaching MATSim courses (from beginners up to specialized topics), building simple models to get teams quickly up and running, or consulting MATSim users worldwide.


Simunto can help you...

  • to convert your data to the proper MATSim data formats
  • to get started building a new MATSim model
  • to expand MATSim with new functionality
  • to analyze your MATSim simulations
  • to visualize and animate your data

MATSim Training

Simunto teaches MATSim courses to interested groups.

For interested groups of 4 to 8 users, Simunto gives MATSim tutorials, starting from basic understanding of MATSim’s concepts, learning it’s data formats, building a simple MATSim model, up to using MATSim extensions for sophisticated models based on the groups interest. These topics are usually covered in a 4-day intensive training and include theory blocks as well as practical sessions with enough possibilities for individual interaction.

Training courses are organized only for organizations that assign at least 3 participants and are usually not open to individual participants.

About MATSim

The multi-agent transport simulation MATSim is an open-source framework for implementing large-scale agent-based transport simulations.

MATSim is freely available and is used all over the world to build transport models. If you’re new to MATSim, have a look at MATSim’s website.