Simunto provides expert knowledge and support to work with MATSim.

Excellent MATSim Support

Having worked with MATSim for more than a decade, Simunto is able to provide first-class support for MATSim.

Dr. Marcel Rieser, the founder of Simunto, has worked for more than a decade with MATSim. He was involved in implementing large parts of the MATSim core while being a PhD student at the transport systems planning and transport telematics group at TU Berlin. In this time, he also implemented the functionality to model roadpricing scenarios, multi-modal simulations and a detailed simulation of public transport. He was also involved in building one of the first nation-wide multi-modal models of Switzerland, built at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems at ETH Zurich.

When working at Senozon for several years, Marcel Rieser was invovled in implementing car-sharing simulations in MATSim, building detailed models of Berlin and Switzerland, and created the visualization and analysis software Via which belongs now to Simunto.


Simunto can help you...

  • to convert your data to the proper MATSim data formats
  • to get started building a new MATSim model
  • to expand MATSim with new functionality
  • to analyze your MATSim simulations
  • to visualize and animate your data


The multi-agent transport simulation MATSim is an open-source framework for implementing large-scale agent-based transport simulations.

MATSim is freely available and is used all over the world to build transport models. If you’re new to MATSim, have a look at MATSim’s website.