Via 24.1 released

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Via 24.1. The new version brings much faster events loading along with improved movie recording, new transit analyses, and more options to display map backgrounds.

New and improved features

Much faster Events loading

Loading data from MATSim’s events files, e.g. for Vehicles and Agents layer, is now much faster and typically takes 20-40% less time.

Public Transport

The public transport plugin includes 2 major new analyses. The first one provides access to delays of transit vehicles arriving and departing at stops. The second provides detailed information about how long agents are waiting at stops. In addition, the stop query was enhanced to show all custom attributes in the Attributes panel, and the search by name is now less strict, providing easier access to specific stops.

Movie Recording

We did a major overhaul of the movie recording in Via. As a result, we now include the OpenH264 encoder, providing much faster and better movie encoding in the mp4 / H.264 format. In addition, Via can now also produce VP9 and AV1 encoded movies. Both formats, VP9 and AV1, are generally considered to be better and more efficient (smaller files with better visual quality) than the mp4 encoding, but especially the AV1 encoder is also much slower.

Map Backgrounds

Via already provides a number of differently styles map backgrounds, and users can add custom map styles from their own map providers. But now Via allows to modify existing map styles by converting them to grayscale, or change saturation and contrast to create optimal visualizations.

Other Improvements

  • Support the new facilities_v2.dtd from MATSim.
  • Create Agents-Layer from a population without x- and y-coordinates, but with facility ids
  • Network-Layer now provides z-coordinates as custom attribute
  • Legend allows customization of font and font-size
  • Ruler: Measuring distances sometimes used a wrong font size to display the measurement

Download the latest version

The new version of Via is available immediately from the Download section!